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Adding a touch of class, pomp and circumstance to your wedding is the Master of Ceremonie...


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Nothing beats live music. Sultry singers to mesmerize your guests or bands that get them ...


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After the food, it is the music that guests will often remember most about an event. Care...
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Colin Seet
Master of Ceremonies

Colin Seet is one of the most versatile, engaging and experienced professional masters of ceremony in the business today.

Having entered the events planning industry at the tender age of 14, he has emceed for all manner of events, from the intimate and informal, to the lavish and ceremonial – and everything in between. Bestriding both ends of the spectrum with equal ease and poise, Colin is the quintessential host for any function.

The performance of the emcee is the critical factor that distinguishes an excellent event from a mediocre one. The emcee is quite literally the face of an event – the personification of its purpose and character.

On his shoulders rest the not-inconsiderable weight of the event’s success and the efficacy of the delivery of its message. To ensure that this is achieved, the rule of thumb in Colin’s book is that the emcee must know his audience inside-out. He believes that the relationship between emcee and audience is irreplaceable. Colin’s skill and experience in front of a crowd are the catalysts that bring about this chemistry.

Vivacious, outgoing and gregarious, yet punctilious and a man of measured action and presentation, Colin’s charisma and stage persona will ensure that his audience becomes as comfortable with him – and receptive to his message – as he is with them.

Whether he is presenting in front of a gathering of high-powered business executives, introducing ministers and captains of industry, building up excitement and enthusiasm among a crowd of observers, or simply ensuring that everyone has a rollicking good time, Colin has done it all, and always to beyond the expectation of his clients.

His existing client base consists primarily of regular patrons and repeat business over a wide range of event profiles – a testament to the level of service and performance he has consistently provided. Whatever form or style of presentation you require for your event, Colin is the emcee that you can be sure will deliver.

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